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Tokyo based abstract painter, writer, street worker (as Free painting), world traveler.

Best known for his another dimensional painting.

His art mission is to change invisible world to visible world.

Believed that creation (art) is joy of life & origin of joy, and all of human beings is an artist themselves.

Graduated Los Angeles City College studying art and cinema, and then lived in different places;  

Los Angeles (5 years) → Bangkok (3 years) → world travel across 22 countries ( 1 year) → Tokyo ( 3 years)

His multi-dimensional painting is based on his inspiration and experience across the world. 

Have held art exhibitions in Tokyo and Bangkok, exhibited his art works in many countries in the past

[About his street work]

He was moved by the power of life & beauty of life from workers on the street during traveling around the world 2016.

He has interviewed over 100 workers on the street in different nationalities,

and it was published as a Japanese book called 'Happiness of street workers' 2019. 

Following his impression, he also started to work on the street as 'free painter'

which is to give his small original painting for free.

Why free? Who got it? go to his 'Free painting' page to check the answer. 




2015年バンコクで個展「ART IS LOVE」開催。


2019年「路上ワークの幸福論」(CCCメディア) 出版。






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