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Dear Visitor,


Thank you for thinking about commissioning a painting. I'm really happy that you like my work.

Commissioning an original painting is a great way to ensure that you get a painting of the correct size, color and style,

as it fills wall space in your house.

Unfortunately, there is currently a waiting list about 3 months.

【S U B J E C T】


I undertake only abstract commissions (in my style)

– however I am open to paint any type for your painting as inspiration if you want.

It is also useful for me to know your favorite painting of mine and your answers from 3 questions; 

  1. what is your favorite color?

  2. what is your favorite nature? (sea, mountain, water, sky, wind, etc)

  3. what is your love to do? (hobby, interest, family, any..)

These give me an idea and inspiration of your painting. 

【P R I C E S】

Commission price will be almost same as my regular website prices.
So please make sure you're happy with previous sales on my 'For Sale' page.

Please note: All prices are current due to the timeframes involved,

so they will rise slightly by the time when I get your commission.


【S H I P P I N G】


Please note: Due to the current situation many shipping lanes have closed.

All of my prices do not include shipping, so here are some examples to give you an idea of costs; 






*Shipping costs include full value insurance.



【P R O C E S S】

After you accept the size and subject, I will ask you 50% deposit to confirm your order...

The rest of the payment will be made upon completion and final approval.


And if you change your mind during that time (ex, secure pieces online) ...

I can remove you from the list at any time - no obligation.

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