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Atelier to your wall

【S H I P P I N G】


Please note:

Due to the current situation many shipping lanes have closed.

I wrap every painting in sufficient cardboard, bubble wrap, paper, and scratch-resistant film

to ensure that your painting arrives in perfect condition.

Once your painting is on its way, I will email you the tracking number as soon as I receive it from the couriers.

All of my prices do not include shipping, so here are some examples to give you an idea of costs; 

*Shipping costs include full value insurance.




【I N S U R A N C E】


 The original painting is not covered by traditional courier insurance, so I need to provide a separate cover for each piece.

Insurance is given to cover the full amount paid for the painting.


【C U S T O M S】


The only concern is the irregularity of customs clearance.

Unfortunately there seems to be no way to avoid it, if they decide to choose your parcel for tariffs (based on value).


Rest assured that I do everything possible to provide the authorities with the information like contact details,

needed to clear the parcel.


【P R O M I S E】


I hope this will help you understand the process of getting the original artwork from my atelier to your wall safely,

which usually takes about 4 weeks.

You can also appreciate that there can be small (unavoidable) delays along the way.

I will always be working for your painting to reach you as soon as possible.

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